Thursday, January 10, 2013

Overthrowing Obama - Not an Easy Thing

English: Barack Obama, President of the United...
English: Barack Obama, President of the United States of America. Македонски: Барак Обама, новоизбран претседател на САД. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has anyone noticed that even with all the talk about how to get Obama and his regime out of power, nothing ever gets done about it? Honestly I don't think even the Tea Party can really do any good, except for maybe placing more conservatives in office, but as we see, Obama doesn't give a rats tail, he just goes over and/or around Congress with executive orders.

It's frustrating as heck to watch him walk all over our founding documents, and force his socialist agenda down our throats as he and the Democrats do. I mean really? What do we have left except a bloody revolution that we may not even win? How long will it take for the American people to realize that they have been screwed, and there is no hope for reversing the damage Obama and the Dem's have done to our nation.

Political Movements are good but they won't change the course of Obama's agenda too dismantle America, piece by piece until there is no more America. I saw a theory someone else posted online that stated that Obama may never pay China what we owe them, instead Obama may just give large portions of our nation too China as payment. This is a very scary proposition, but one that could happen to say the least. Obama will do anything to slam the American way of life, our Constitution, etc.

So what are we gonna do America? Obama has committed several crimes against our laws, still no one will take him to task for it, and why? Are they that afraid of him? Or is there other people hiding in the shadows that they fear? If our leaders are afraid to act, how will we ever overcome this regime? In the voting booth?

I think after last Novembers election it is very clear what group now controls the outcome of our elections. the left has us by our balls, and in that case we conservatives will never win any election again, if we even have elections again. Rumors are that Obama wants a third term, and maybe a forth term. He wants to be King and Dictator of America! We may never get rid of President Nebuchadnezzar, or shall we say Pharaoh Obama?

I hate too say it but I am sure somewhere in America there are people trying too think of a way to assassinate him, but it that the right way to handle things? With peoples frustration points rising day by day it's hard to say what could happen, but I would hope that people would seek peaceful means of removal from office before they resort to using deadly force.

One would hope that the military would take a stand and do something, but they are wedged between a rock and a hard place as well. The regime has been purging the military of those they suspect as being non-supporters of Obama. A coup however is also a very bloody and  nasty way to handle things, and would not be good for the nation.

I would suggest a different plan of action, one the Government cannot confiscate like they want to do too our  guns.  I would suggest that every American Patriot first realize that it is God Almighty that we ought to fear, not the Government, and it is in God that we Trust, not Obama! Let us shut out pie holes, and stop talking about what we could do, and start by falling on our knees before God in Repentance, seeking him for mercy, and deliverance for this nation.

All of Obama's divisive actions cannot stand against the Almighty One of Israel! The one who gave us our Liberty to begin with, and aided our founding fathers as they penned our founding documents. What Obama and his criminal enterprise does not realize is that our rights are given us by God, not the Government, and they cannot take them away from us, and if they try too we have the right under Heaven to defend our rights by whatever means necessary.

I would suggest that we all Repent before God, humbling ourselves, confessing our personal and national sins, and begging him for mercy. With that we implore the God of the Universe to remove the tyrant and his regime from office, and too restore our nation, but ONLY if we will turn back to him. It is high time for our leaders to again acknowledge the divine position of God Almighty in the forming of this Free Republic, and call this nation too a time of prayer and fasting!

If you think this sounds stupid, your part of the reason then that we are in this mess. This nation has lost it's Fear of God, by "Fear" we mean "Respect"! The people of America used to have a healthy Respect for God, and this nation prospered because of it. A nation who forgets God, and turns their back on him surely suffers great consequences for their insolence, and disobedience to God. Does this sound familiar too you?

How bad do you want rid of Obama? How bad do you want to repeal his executive orders, and replace them with good things that will lead to prosperity for all Americans again? BAD? Then you must turn back to God and seek him out on your faces while there is still time to do so. This is the ONLY way I can see that we can Overthrow Obama.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama and the Democrats: Killing America

America has long since been a nation of great wealth and prosperity, and it is because we are an exceptional nation of innovative people, who work smart and hard for what we have, and now we stand to lose everything we have worked so hard for.

Ever since Mr. Obama took office he has done nothing but harm our nation. One freedom killing, money stealing bill after another has paraded through Congress, as Obama continues to bypass them with executive orders. 

Billions of Tax-Payer Dollars have found there way into the pockets of liberal donors as in the case of the green energy companies Obama gave billions of the peoples money too. These companies are almost all bankrupt, and the people behind them got wealthy off those tax dollars, turned around and funneled cash back into Obama's re-election campaign.

Obama gave away over Ten Billion to these 'green energy' projects. He also spent another $775.5 billion back in 2009 with his American Recovery Act of 2009. Let me ask you, Have we recovered yet? The recent scare is this 'fiscal cliff' crisis, and the contest between Republicans and Obama to avert this supposed disaster. 

The truth is that we are in this predicament because of Obama and the Democrats!  These people are out of control, drunk on political power, and need to be sobered up. The truth is that Obama wants to push America over that cliff and is doing everything he can to make it happen. All this negotiation stuff is just for show, and he knows it. A financial collapse is what they want to make happen so that they can set themselves up permanently as the ruling class, and usher in full blown socialism.

The Obama family alone costs the US Tax Payers 1.4 Billion per year. With all the expensive vacations they have lavished upon themselves at tax payer expense, it has become obvious to me at least that these people have no conscious whatsoever!  They do not care what it costs, they just want to live it up!

The Obama-care law contains over twenty new taxes or tax hikes. Many of which will destroy American businesses by taxing them and/or fining them into bankruptcy. Millions of businesses will close as a result of the increased burden placed upon them by the new law. Companies are already making serious cuts to their work force in order to protect themselves, who can blame them?

The blame clearly rest with Obama and the Democrats, and their American Killing Agenda! Clearly something has too be done to stop them, and repeal this bill before it can do it's dirty work, but Obama and the Dem's are still in the way. So it's time for every American, every business person, etc. to rise up and remove them out of the way. But how? As we found out they now control the vote outcomes, so we know our elections are a farce now. Is it time to call for a military coup? Or do still have the power to impeach him?

I don't think there is enough outrage out there, too many people either don't care, or have been brainwashed by the Obama, and believe that he actually wants to do something about the issues, when he is the one causing them. Let me ask you when will you get angry enough to stand up and fight for your way of life? When you have no more food, and the prices are so high you can't afford to buy food for your family? When you lose your job because the company you worked for just closed the door because they cannot afford the excessive taxes and fines? When?

You know that China is just waiting for us to collapse? The Democrats are trying to destroy the GOP for good, so that they will become the only political party. We Conservatives need to come up with a plan to destroy the Democratic Party before they destroy us any more then they already have. Socialism is not compatible with our Constitution, the capitalistic society. Socialism has to go! Obama and the Democrats have to go!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Say Goodnite America!
Say Goodnite America! (Photo credit: Templar1307)
The left may have cheated us blind with acts of massive voter fraud during the November election, but the fight is far from over. Americans are fed up with the Barrack Obama's hateful attitude and lies, and do not want another four years of his BS, so here it comes what might be our last ditch effort to expel BHO from office, and install a true leader as President.

Obama vowed 'REVENGE' if he won the election, and that sent a shiver down the backs of many a patriotic American, and now those of us who love our country have one last method of taking back our nation from it's enemies. Here comes the Red State Revolt!

Basically, if 18 of the 24 Red States would just not cast their electoral votes, the duty of choosing our next President would then fall upon the members of the US House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans. All we have to do is convince our Reps. that is it in our nations best interest to choose a Republican, and removed BHO from office, by force if necessary.

Like I said this fight is NOT over with, we have more arrows in our quiver still, but we need to move quickly before the deadline in mid December. This is an URGENT CALL to all Patriotic Americans!  Start calling your state GOP offices, tell them what you want them to do, impress upon them the urgency of this task.

also contact your state Representatives, and Senators, and tell them that this is an emergency situation that needs their immediate attention!  We MUST stop BHO now!

What another four years of BHO will mean to us? Another four years of BHO means NO MORE FREEDOM! The price of food, and fuel is already going up! Did you notice how the market took a nose dive the day after the election?

Very few people have any real confidence in Obama, they know that every time the man opens his mouth, a lie comes out of it. Only the anarchist's, and left wing radicals believe in Obama, because they know in supporting him they get what they always wanted, pure chaos!

We need to move quickly now! There is not much time to get this done! Let's take dominion and begin to restore our nation!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Benghazi - We Will Never Forget

A view of the cathedral of Benghazi (Libya) an...
A view of the cathedral of Benghazi (Libya) and corniche of Benghazi during early Italian occupation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We've all heard about what happened in Benghazi, how four Americans mere murder there by Islamic militant thugs, and we've heard about how our President failed to act to try and save these men's lives. How security at that facility had been watered down, and how there had been previous attacks on the compound.

Questions, still unanswered loom in the minds of most Americans. The American people are angry with the fact that these men died, and the President who is supposed to be leading our military, failed to do so, and then lied about knowing of the attacks. The Obama Regime blamed these attacks on a stupid video that had absolutely nothing to do with why these militant Islamist (aka Terrorists) were attacking our compound, and murdering our people.

My opinion is this. Obama was in on the whole thing from the start. It was a possible kidnapping of the ambassador gone way wrong, and this is why Obama failed to act, that or he really did not give a rats behind about our men out in the field. Either way the buck stops with Obama, and he should have lost the election. Now we have to waste time, and money impeaching him, at least I hope we can?

Too cover up the whole unsightly Benghazi issue, and re-direct the minds of the American people. Here comes the General, and his sex affair! Obama thinks that we the people will forget about Benghazi, but he's got another thing coming! We are not going to forget, and we are going to pass over the sex scandal, because we have a great big lying fish to fry, named Obama. So fire up the skillet, and keep expressing your outrage about how the Benghazi attack was handled, and who is really responsible for it.

I'm not making an excuse for adultery here, it's wrong, but Obama is a lot bigger mistake we need to deal with. We have time right now to demand answers, and blog that crap out of this issue, so that it does not go away, and make sure Obama realizes we are not going to forget about it. A bill to Impeach Obama has just entered the House, contact your Congressmen/women and express your outrage, and demand Obama pay the price for his lack of leadership, and his lying tongue.

Now is the time to stand and fight for our freedom, and demand something real be done about what happened in Benghazi, and the Presidents lack of action, and his regimes lies about knowing what was going on. Pray hard my fellow Americans, it's the best weapon we have against the regime of darkness that clouds our nations capital.

Hillary Clinton, V.P. Biden, Valerie Jarret, and B. H. Obama all need to be dealt with, because all of them know the truth, and are trying to cover it up, and dismiss what happened.

Those four men MUST not have died in vain, let them not be forgotten, let those responsible be exposed, and dealt with accordingly.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama...The Lawless One

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Never before in the history of the United States of America has there ever been a leader who made a practice of breaking the law of the land, such as Barrack Obama has. This man has disregarded our founding  documents time and time again. The Constitution has taken a major beating as B. Hussein Obama has regularly trampled it under foot, in order to force his radical socialist agenda.

Obama has willfully disobeyed the rule of law, issued more executive orders from behind the resolute desk in his attempt to bypass Congress, and make his own laws, his way.  135 executive orders Mr. O has issued. More than any other sitting President in our nations history. If he can't manipulate the existing law, he will just make his own by issuing another executive order, to force his own agenda on the nation.

Clearly Obama intends to make himself dictator over the American people, but in order to get there he must gain social control over everything, and everybody. It is also clear that Obama is well under way too accomplishing this goal, the only thing that stands in his way is if he does not get re-elected to the White House. Patriotic Americans would be wise to vote against Obama to help ensure he does not get the chance.

Law after Law he has violated, yet no one dare go after him for it, why? Are we too scared of him? Or is there a dark and sinister power lurking behind Obama that keeps people at bay, so he can continue his quest for unbridled power and wealth. I believe it will take an act of Almighty God to stop Obama, and those who have ears to hear, and eye's to see, ought to be crying out to God to save this nation.

Obama does not care about whether or not he breaks the law or not. Never before have we seen a national leader so callous towards our way of life, and so hellbent of destroying this nation by downsizing it into a third world like nation. This is a scary proposition indeed, but I still believe there is a spiritual force behind this guy and his agenda that many are still unaware of. So what is more dangerous then? A would be dictator? Or ignorant, apathetic citizens?

The Bible speaks of a man that referred to as the 'Man of Lawlessness'. A man who comes on the world scene out of no where, assumes power over everything and everybody, then exalts himself to be God over even the One True and Living God, YHWH.  He is referred to as being a great deceiver that masses of people will follow, even into Hell itself. I hate too say it, but Obama fits the Scriptural description of the Anti-Christ very well.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 - "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come the falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;"

Let's examine this verse in the light of the man named Obama. First we are told not to be deceived, this is speaking to Christians who have understanding that comes from God. The day when the man of lawlessness is to be revealed will not come until first there is a falling away. What does the Scripture mean, 'a falling away'?  This is referring to a falling away from God, from Jesus Christ his son, from the Christian faith, and the truth of the Word of God.

1 Tim 2:3 - "The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons."

This has been taking place in America for some time now as whole denominations no longer preach the truth of God, but preach a false socialized gospel that is of the world, not of God. Doctrines of Demons have crept into the church. Evangelism is being replaced with social justice/injustice. Women and Gay's are filling the pulpits, which is like letting death row inmates run a maximum security prison. Churches are embracing the doctrines of the NWO, instead of remaining faithful to the Word of God.

Obama is also pushing his brand of social justice upon the people of this nation through laws such as Obama-care, the law that 2/3 of the American people said NO too, yet got illegally forced through Congress by the Democrats. Now our only hope of stopping this is electing the Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney, who has promised to repeal Obama-care in full, and lets hope he can get it done.

The Anti-Christ as a global leader is not in power yet, but he is surely alive and well on earth today. Could Obama be this person? We know that leading prophecy experts say that the Anti-Christ will be come from an Islamic background, Obama is Muslim and even wore a ring inscribed with the message saying that Allah is the only God.

Obama is a major narcissist, someone who thinks highly of themselves, who is vain, and yet underneath get's easily upset when criticized, sound familiar?

Daniel 8:25 - "He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior.........." 

Obama has lied more times, and gotten away with it. Deceit is his way of life because his whole life is based upon it. It is believe by some that Barrak Obama Sr. was not his birth father, but recruited by his grandfather to stand in as his birth father, to legitimize his birth. It is also believe by some that Frank Marshall Davis was his birth father, and we know that later Obama was mentored by Davis while living in Hawaii.

Obama's goal is too downsize America, to give away all our nations wealth to third world nations, and terrorist organizations. He has sent guns to Mexican drug lords, cash to the Muslim brotherhood, while he persecutes Israel. Enough is enough, Obama has to go!

Obama has claimed too be Christian, but that is a lie also. His actions have been about as anti-Christian as you can get. Don't believe him, or any of his Democrat cohorts, they are lying to you. Muslims are permitted to lie when it suits their agenda of world domination.

To put it bluntly, Barrack Obama is a very dangerous man, with very dangerous ideas. Re-electing him would be a total disaster for this nation. Please think hard about how you will vote in the coming election. Do not stay home, and Do not note vote for Obama.

America needs a leader that will respect the law of the land, work within the framework of the Constitution, and respect the balance of power between the 3 branches of Government. We need a leader that will set a right example for the people of this nation. Stand up for freedom and liberty. Shrink down Government, and tackle other difficult problems.

If you allow yourself to be deceived, then you will be faced with the consequences of your own action, or  inaction.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


English: Hollow Points
English: Hollow Points (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stories have been coming out of a while now about how the Obama Regime, and the Democrats in Congress have ordered millions of deadly hollow point bullets, and distributed them to various Government agencies to the tune of 170K each.

Why does the National Weather Service need 170K Hollow Point bullets? What do these bullets have to forecasting the weather? What about the Social Security offices in major cities across the country?

Exactly whom do these Government offices intend to shoot with these bullets? The only viable explanation is that they intend on shooting to kill American citizens, why else would they stockpile this type of ammo?  It is that something is happening behind the scenes, something ugly is coming this way.

What is Obama planning in his next term that would cause the need for a meteorologist to take up arms against the American people? Are the people at the SS office going to drive by with automatic weapons firing at will at anyone they see? Or are they planning too use these people to create an Obama secret police force and start committing genocide against the American people. Is this part of the UN's population control plan, and Obama is just a big enough communist that he signed on to it?

Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies ...
Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies to North Africa and into Egypt against the British (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you concerned after reading this you should be, and you should be demanding real answers from your elected officials as to exactly why they need millions of hollow point bullets. Our military can't even use these type of bullets in the battlefield, so why is the US Government ordering these and distributing them across the country to Government offices? Why?

Hitler lined people up in front of mass graves they were shot to death, and their bodies fell into the graves. When the huge graves were full they simply bulldozed over the hole and filled it in, and on to the next one.

Is Obama the next Hitler? It would appear so!

Every socialist dictator throughout history has committed mass genocide otherwise known as ethnic cleansing, to get rid of a certain group of people they considered to be less than human, or enemies of the state. Are you getting nervous about this yet? You should be! Should any God fearing American be voting for Obama? The answer is NO! Not if you value you life you should be voting to remove this dangerous man from office.

Such a thing did not take place under the Bush Administration. This has taken place under the Obama Administration. The blame is squarely on the shoulders of Obama and Congress for allowing such a thing to take place.

.40S&W cartridge next to expanded hollow point...
.40S&W cartridge next to expanded hollow point bullet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
How dare they even think of committing such atrocities against the American people! But this is what evil dictators do, they kill people left and right, why would Obama be any different? I am not a conspiracy theorist nut like some people are, but I can't ignore what is going on here. What's worse is that they spent our tax-dollars to purchase all this ammo, so we have in essence funded what could be our own demise.

This is a good time to consider arming yourselves to protect your family and property. Even more than that it's a great time to turn back to God Almighty and make peace with him now before it's too late, He is our only true hope in perilous times such as these.
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